148 Kills... Holly whoa.... (KOTH)

Lol… We had an AFK for part of the game, and they had a Silver who finished with 148 kills, haha… Not too unhappy about MY performance, but man, that guy was a ringer, for sure :slight_smile:


Looks like it was a good match regardless.


It was. Except for raging at the AFK on our team… It hurt my eyeballs to be looking at/through this ■■■■ while I was waiting to respawn…

Dude even capped the hill a lot.

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He must have been using the boomshot a lot getting those yahtzees (all 5)

Looks like you did pretty good yourself :+1:. The most kills i ever got on Koth was 71. And that was just this weekend

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Not really… he was just very active on the field, in a match which took about 45min (3rd round was 19min)…

45 minutes? Definitely sounds like it was a good game.

Also props for praising other players, especially on the other team. The game could do with more of that


I had a match similar to that but there were two of us destroying everyone. It was like a neck to neck battle all match and either team could have won.


Nice going man! Most i’ve got in a match is 99, gutted i didn’t make 100 lol.
Funny how one game I can get kills all the time and the next I can’t get above 10 in a whole game (attack of the feather shotgun)

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Yeah, It is frustrating when you go full psycho mode in one game, and then the next you can’t get one kill.
I find that I get the most kills at War Machine or Raven Down.

This dude has achieved clearly achieved Ultra instinct, and ironically Ultra Instinct has dat silver/white hair too!



Yeah, I’ve made it to 100 several times but that game was my all time high. I’m actually amazed I had so many kills given the pings but I’ll take it.

Unfortunately it happens too often that when I praise the other team, win or lose, they’re ■■■■■ about it.

I still say gg after every match tho… It’s a PC thing I spose.


One of the reason to retire gridlock. Campers map.

Nothing to do with this post, or the map.

There was no camping, there was very active game play.

On Gridlock, if you don’t have people watching from above, you lose. It’s a cool alternative to the likes of Raven Down…

Blood Drive is much worse for camping away from the rings, I find…


I don’t know how you do it bro lol I never hit 100 ever

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Right place at the right time with the obvious skill factor.


That’s a lot of kills. I think I barely broke 100 once in Gears 3

I think the most I have ever got in a game was 98 on Raven Down, and we still lost lol.

I was better than the other team, the problem is, the other team was better than my 4 teammates, and on KotH, it’s hard to clutch on your own. Good game though.

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