$1478 Controller 😱

Is this limited edition controller worth $1478?

If the grips are still on and will remain on-yes

My grips fell off, meaning mines a near worthless $1000 at best, PM me if interested

It doesn’t come with the gears d-pad, that’s now on my elite2 :yum:

LuL I smashed mine on the floor playing Bloodborne.

$1478 PepeHands

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I have noticed that used controllers like this sell for more than they did new on eBay. I should have bought one. Thought $179 was too much for it at the time.


Will it make me good at Gears?

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Yeah you will be the best for 1400, it will make you a gnasher god. Buy it quick:-)


Lol :joy: I remember when auto buttons where considered cheating back then

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Playing Bloodborne with a Gears controller? High insight move right there.


Cronusmax ftw

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I’ve seen people doing crazy stuff on a regular XBOX Controller while playing Gears of War.

so in that case its not the controller what makes the difference its whether you have " THE FORCE " or not.

Did you at least dunk it?

Closer to GoldGlove than LB. The place I was living in at the time had concrete floors, and I spiked it like I just caught the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. I was finding pieces of the controller until I moved out five months later. To be fair, it was only marginally functional at that point anyway, and I already had to swap out one of the daughterboards once because the micro-usb stopped working, and also the bumper part because those broke. Elite Series 1 was such a POS.

I don’t think it’s worth that, but I have one that I bought because it’s Gears and still boxed. Might consider selling it.