14 days of Boost

Weren’t we supposed to get 14 days of Boost today? I’m in-game and have no boost.

Previously, every day that you logged in, it gave +1 day of Boost.

I imagine it works the same way.

I did get +1 day of Boost earlier, so if you didn’t receive it, it might be server issues.

game after update is broken… :wink:
also not get but that is currently the smallest problem :wink:

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possibly server problems :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Well, either way, I got no boost. I hope it’s sorted by the time I get new tasks.

Edit: My re-ups got sorted, the store’s working, and I can see my PvE skill cards, but still no Boost. @TC_Kilo1062, any ideas?

I used my first day of boost on… Loading screens


Same for me, my re-up’s weren’t happening yesterday and I just checked now and the re-up’s are done and no boost which hopefully gets fixed soon. I’m close to re-up 20 and I’d like to get it done.

Where did you read 14 days of boost? The weekly post stated 4x XP for the weekend only from Feb 12 - 15, although for whatever reason, I already got a free boost yesterday.

To confirm we’re granting a 1 day boost from 10:00AM PST each day up until February 23rd :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I just came back to post that I saw in the re-up thread that aside from the 4x XP boost from Feb 12 - 15, there is also a 14 day regular boost starting from yesterday.

It might be good to add that to the weekly info thread since it only makes mention of the 4x weekend boost there, which was what I read.

Well, I don’t know what was going on. I didn’t get the popup that said “free boost!” like was happening in December, my portrait and re-up level didn’t have the telltale blue glow, and my daily ToD tasks weren’t showing the blue stars, but once I started completing the tasks my stars were in fact getting doubled.

This is the regular boost, not the 4x xp on the weekend? Ok…

Thanks for the tips. Is there anyone, in particular, you would recommend?