13 years ago gears 1 was a reason to buy xbox

Game is so bad … U destroyed it


But what about in English?


you cant read or what


This is in english. I can make a whole documentary on how bad lazers .no typo. of war is. Gears of war was originally made to be a close quarters combat game… They even debated if the sniper should have a scope … The maps on gears 5 are all made to clearly favor long range combat which is why the maps suck so bad in the first place . theres no excitement because the skill gap has been lowered so much…


lol, this is literally the most wrong thing I ever read. They intended people to use cover and Lancers, Gnasherfest and wallbouncing were never intended in the original. Like look at Gridlock, obviously designed around the idea of shooting from cover. They did patches to nerf wallbouncing. In Gears 2 they added stopping power. In Gears 3 they added Sawed-Off as the anti-Gnasher.



They never intended the gnasher to be the star of the game. It was supposed to be a tactical shooter where cover would be key. But we, the players, figured out the gnasher/CQC was the most effective way to claim victory, and still is to this day.

EPIC back then even admitted that the way we play the game was never their intention and slowly but surely implemented mechanics/weapons to kind of remedy the gnasher “issue”.

GoW 2: Implementation of stopping power.
GoW3: Introduction of the Retro and Sawed-Off

As much as I love the gnasher and use it 90% of the time, the game was never meant to be played the way it is.

EDIT: Sorry for repeating everything you’ve said. I admit I only read the first two sentences and went ahead with my reply. :blush:


“You can’t read? Or what…” I corrected your invidious garbage :).

They didn’t know if the sniper should have a scope or not and they didn’t want you shooting pixels in the distance. Gears is supposed to be in your face not shoot someone 8 miles away. Gears 2 also added wall cancel so…yeah and you can hyper bounce in Gears 3 lol

This is what happens when you kill the skill gap. 26th game played on Xbox Live. 500 players from Steam. And dropping! Maybe Coalition will finally figure out not everyone gets a trophy.
This is 2019. And this is the best they can come up with? This games should have been a free title. Or 10$ on Xbox Live marketplace.


13 years later gears 5 is the reason to sell an xbox :joy:


Lol this is the most wrong thing I ever read.

@BrooklyNxSwaGGa made clear sense.


It’s actually the most right thing you’ve probably read all day.


Bought mine for Halo & Gears… I’ve given up on halo long ago.

I can’t find the exact quote but wallbouncing was always an intended mechanic for the more skilled players - Joe Graf from Epic Games said this about 10 years ago. Yes, it was even intended to be in Gears of War 1, so saying wallbouncing was never supposed to be part of the Gears of War experience is simply not true.

Did they expect it to evolve into what it is now? That’s another discussion but wallbouncing was always supposed to be in the multiplayer since E-Day, since day 1 and is just as much a part of Gears as the Gnasher, the Lancer and Gridlock.

And without wallbouncing we wouldn’t even had this discussion or this forum because wallbouncing, the Gnasher and cqc is the pinnacle of Gears of War and this franchise would’ve never have reached the same heights of success without.


I’d enjoy it more if:

  • I could get off the damn wall

  • get rid of knife. Shoot, knife, down is just old already.

  • didn’t have funky, hard-aim mechanics that cause me to miss a ■■■■ ton (probably just have to get used to it but I don’t have this issue in 4 nearly as much.)

  • fix nade planting

  • fix melee attack against a downed person

  • moved chainsaw from the reload button. I actively will not use chainsaw as a reaction anymore because it means death

  • fix teleportation of the enemy. So many pop shots where the enemy just disappears backward a few steps.

  • get rid of broomstick or seriously nerf the health of the carrier. It’s ■■■■■■ ridonkulous

  • fix movement over all… Going from gears 5 to gears 4 is like going from molasses to butter. Something about 4 is entirely smoother. I can sweep back to back to back gnasher gibs without feeling like I’m desynced and not in total control of all the movements.

  • fix ranked to make sense… Transparently

  • breakdown the point system transparently.

  • fix my markza

  • get an actual scotsman to voice Derpitydoo Mac

  • maps

Those my main gripes and why I spend more time on 4 than 5. I find it overall much more enjoyable.

Some examples

  1. What does “broomstick” refer to and how does it stand in relation to the Carrier?

  2. If you take its health away the Carrier doesn’t have much left going for it and Mister OP JD still kills it ridiculously quickly once he levels up Razor Hail even now, on Master.

  3. I… appreciate the use of “ridonkulous”. Even if it’s not an actual word.

Broomstick = breaker mace.

In versus, the carrier (person holding) gets a health boost to the point where it takes about 2 full on, point blank gnasher shots. But by then you’ve likely been killed already.

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That makes more sense. I thought you were referring to the Carrier in Horde, not the person wielding the Breaker Mace. Minor screwup on my part.

No worries, to be honest I have no idea what you explained in your second point. I haven’t played anything but versus lol

In short? JD is ridiculously OP in Horde cause of TC giving him what was effectively the heavy class in Gears 4 with damage added to every explosive(up to 50% at max level which is caused like, 3-4 times to enemies and considering you can freely spam up to 7 or 8 Lancer GL grenades with a single Lancer and almost every JD keeps four of them at once on a locker(boring and with no variety), they spam that all match long and basically kill everything as soon as it gets in firing range/line of sight(very boring for anyone but JD, as renders all but him, Jack and Del nearly worthless so you’re basically just a filler for the two remaining spots). That includes bosses as well. Hence me saying nerfing Carrier HP would render the boss even more useless seeing as it’s already fairly slow and mainly attacks with its Cankers when it opens its chest. As a side note, characters basically have roles assigned to them. Basically 4s class system but more restrictive and in the eyes of many a step backwards.

Thankfully, Ryan in his communication thread told me there’s plans somewhere on TCs schedule for balancing(and he fully agreed with me when I went on a bit of a rant about the overblown damage JD can deal).