13 weeks of T O D?

It now says 12 of 13 weeks for the tour of duty. Wasn’t it just supposed to be 12?

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Operation 2 is coming later than expected.

Hence the delay.


They added an extra week since Operation 2 is launching December 11th.


Op2 for 11th December.

Now if they could just have a Jingle Juvies event so I can complete my Juvie kills in this extra week, that would be great. 2500 kills is crazy high, for how rare juvies are in this game.

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Play Escape “The Hive” get to the safe room. Equip the shock grenade that you get in there, first enemies should be around 20 juvies, throw shock kill them all restart the act, repeat. Got my last 1000 Juvies in about half an hour yesterday…

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Play escape as Keegan or lahni and gonhard on the spawn with their best card equips, some maps are upwards of 100 juvies I believe :smiley:

I don’t believe this it’s true… without restarting or something. Just which maps have upward of 100 Juvies? I can’t remember.

If you’re talking about player created Escape maps from Map Builder, that needs three players to count and track? It doesn’t seem solo friendly.

Do the Hive called The Mines. Tons of Juvies in that one especially at the end near the exit. Grab the breaker mace from the Warden and kill all the Juvies at the end, make sure to die or let the gate close, then repeat. Easily 200-300 per run.

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So the majority of Juvies come from when the outside lever has been switched? There is no guarantee to spawn Warden.

Yes, after you press the switch, go back in and there’s a ton of them, there are sires too so be careful. Use the mace and have at it.

The Warden shows up on the way there, not at the end. Make sure to pick up his mace.

Get to the first safe room so you have that checkpoint. Then get to the end, kill the juvies, and just keep dying at the end - repeat until you complete the medal.


Exactly link, some maps can net you lots of juvies without restarting, does involve optimal spawns I suppose. It is dumb that some challenges are unbalanced entirely though, 1000 jack assists vs kait executions etc.

I didn’t get no notification because you forgot to use ‘Reply’ button on bottom right of my post.

But thanks for info. I have played The Mines like 300+ times but didn’t use this strategy. Although it’ll help a lot if we get Juvies Medal again.

In my experience, after the left Decontamination room. There are two pathways to go outside, but there is not always a Warden. Sometimes, one, two or three. Or if I take one path, I may see not Warden unless I take the other path. But three Wardens were very rare. Or it must have been me rushing. Of course I have been able to seek three when taking my time. They just come at you.

I take it the counter is broken too since my countdown has been stuck at "12hours remaining " for the past 3 days. That boost counter didn’t conveniently break though…

I did consider putting a bit of time into the movie medal too, but tbh I think the hunter character you get for it looks dumb, so I think I’ll leave it.

The last escape map is good for it too. the last battle (or something like this was the name). There I make the medals with the 3000 kills with keegan, mac or lahni and the 2500 kills with the juvies. Start a match on lowest dificulty and alone, then you have 100 kills per round and there are 30 juvies in it.

Oops my bad.