120hz fps xbox one x

Does Gears 5 on the One X have support for 120fps?

Series X yes,

One X,


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Thanks any plan to have it in the future? So my follow up question is why does the One X have this option in the system menu… So I should stick to 4k hdr n not 120fps 1440p?

No plans,

The CPU is a weak point in the One X for high refresh rates.

It’s an option, but one which wasn’t utilised.

Definitely stick with 4K HDR.

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Thanks again looking forward to Series X


Yeah man, if the Series X has 120 FPS /1080p support for all it’s titles, especially Halo and Gears, that will guarantee my purchase of one.

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It will be 4K 120Hz for Gears 5 I’m sure.

At the very least would be 1440p for other games until they get optimisation done.

They wouldn’t need to drop down to 1080p unless it’s a really, really graphically intense game but MP always employs some sort of Downgrade on Visuals, even on PC so it’s not going to be much of an issue I don’t think.