12 'new' topics and 7 aren't in english

Damn you United Kingdom, you really dropped the ball on world domination, to think how close you were :confused:


If I cant read it, I can’t troll you

See the problem? Don’t make me send the Queen round, cause I will


You’d think today’s technology could filter a certain number of non English words rather readily. Guess not.

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Today’s tech can indeed

We’re still using yesterday’s tho :confused:

Sure you can. Report and they “vanish”.

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Can I report Mexico? :rofl:

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I’m gona wake up in the morning with 20 flagged comments after the day I’ve had :confused:

Give up. It’s a unbeatable battle.

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What we need is some kinda firewall built around th …

Ok ok enough :smile:

I have no problem against mexicans, I used to play horde only.

But for everyone sake, let there be a new mexican server. It would calm everyone down.

It would also make everyone sit in queue for 5x as long :slight_smile:

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“build that wall! build that wall” lol


I would, I really would but I just can’t afford it, wait a minute…

I’ve got a great idea…

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