12 Minutes To Find A Match (PC)

On average it takes me about 12 minutes to find a Ranked match and almost impossible to find a Comp match on PC. Social play takes about one minute (Thankfully).

Xbox takes half the time. Why is PC such a drag? I think Cross-play should be mandatory.
I don’t see it being that big of a deal and the PC community is getting lost behind everyone else.
Currently while typing this Post I’ve been searching for a TDM match for 15 minutes.
We need a change to fix this




Mandatory crossplay on ranked lol.

PC players have several advantages (not simply the obvious KB/M). I’m not going to restate all of them as a quick search on these here forums will reveal them.

I turn off cross play and advise my friends to do the same. I came across a PC stack once before turning it off and after that match never looked back. Hasn’t had a match like that ever since and overall seems much more fair and competitive.

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You probably got destroyed because they were a coordinated stack of good players, not because they were on PC. You’d get destroyed by the same caliber Xbox stack.

PC players are more likely hardcore fans of the game than Xbox players. Xbox players may be new people from the game pass, a friend recommendation or something like that. PC players are almost always players that have been playing since Gears 1. I say this because the PC version of the game is so inaccessible to the PC community, therefore the people who really put up with it on PC are ones that just love Gears too much.

So turning off crossplay just increases the likelihood of running into noobs I guess lol. But it also increases the likelihood of running into Mexicans high ping players, so pick your poison.


I heavily disagree with the idea that PC imposes advantages over Xbox. Mouse and Key boards do not have an advantage like you think it does. Gears is a 3rd person cover based game. Faster rotation speeds and more precision has never helped me or anyone in regards to Gears of War.

I’ve played Gears on console since 2006 and only started playing it on PC just recently. I’m not any better or worse. There are some differences I can get into but nothing really worth noting. Just anecdotal pieces. I still get spanked by console players all the time.

Your experience with PC players really isn’t anything more than just anecdotal. Like API stated, A full squad was the reason why you did so poorly. That could have happened on console as well, and it does all the time. PC does carry a die hard try hard culture but that’s about it. The differences are negligible.


It wouldn’t matter if they forced PC players to use controllers (which many do anyway) for ranked games, people would still turn cross play off.

There’s always a some reason why it’s “unfair” in their eyes.

If Microsoft ever finish that keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox, it’s going to be hilarious.

Can you imagine the amount of people who are going to want a toggle to turn that off too?

Do PC players really have such a huge advantage? I think you’re over exaggerating a little here as I have personally went up against and played with PC players and they didn’t do very well at all in fact the majority of the time they were getting dominated by console players.

people are very elitist in this game for some reason if they lose it’s because of anything other than their mistakes for example the people who say tourney alt is for bad players but using an elite controller with paddles is ok even though it’s basically the same thing

pc players only advantage is the fov changer and mouse and keyboard but that takes practice you cant just pick up M&K and be a god, fps isn’t an advantage if you have an xbox one x and a good tv this is from a player who plays on pc and console input-lag can be solved by getting a decent tv


I believe many disable crossplay because they don’t want to take the chance of having cheaters in their games which lets be honest here happens a lot in PC gaming although I think it’s pretty rare in Gears Of War but even still the possibility alone is enough

I find that is just a convenient excuse these days. I think I can count on one hand the amount of cheaters I’ve read about on PC for Gears 4.

I hate cheaters though, and do not see the point in cheating in online games. It sounds boring to me.

The biggest cheaters in Gears 4 are those with high fluctuation pings which happens on both platforms. But that doesn’t stop me from disabling cross-play as I can easily find matches against other console players without needing to worry about the small chance I get paired with a player that uses an aim bot. Besides that a PC player has an advantage with their ability to have a wider FoV but that in itself isn’t why I disabled it.

But the thing is I’ve only gotten destroyed like that by PC players, I’ve played stacked diamonds on console and those matches are still far more competitive compared to the pc stack, I couldn’t even get a shot off it seemed that every pc player had at least a half second advantage every single shot gun duel

I know my opinion was gonna catch some heat but my point still stands - since tuning off crossplay my online experience had gotten significantly more enjoyable. I still get spanked every now and then by console stacks but at least I can get a shot off against them whereas it simply was not possible against the pc stacks

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I think some of the issue is the Xbox version has a triple buffer delay while the PC doesn’t. That’s an advantage built right into the PC version and no one knows why.

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Exactly I’ve read this before and in my experience this is provides a much bigger advantage than KB/M.

But I’m sure PC players will simply say that triple buffering does not matter just as they have so adamantly defended that KB/M users have little to no advantage… despite the odd coincidence where PC gamers put down a sniper and start landing multiple hat tricks pet round… again, these type of games no longer happen since disabling crossplay. Now I still come across diamond console snipers who hit hat tricks, but the frequency and accuracy can not be matched.

I’d like to see a PC gamer claim that triple buffering doesn’t impact shotgun duels significantly

I agree with you i can’t find matches trying to complete 6000 kills Challenge

There’s no advantage like high ping.

A PC player can have as many advantages as they want, whatever they may be. That’s hardly the issue, honestly.

I think the crossplay option should be limited to Comp and Social & Core should be across all platforms.

Thinking back to Gears 1, I used to Crab walk and Kung Fu Flip out of maps because it made me laugh so much. If that stuff was possible in Gears of War 4 that would probably become my new passion. Maybe I smoke too much weed, but I remember laughing until I cried when other players had no chance of killing me and I could just run circles around them or shoot my pistol at them from somewhere they couldn’t get to me. Good times.

Play on a monitor with a 1MS response time opposed to a TV. Enable Game mode within the monitor and the Triple buffering isn’t noticeable. Most Xbox users are on TV while ALL PC users are on high end monitors. But none of this is exclusive to one platform. So no, it’s not an advantage.

I play on both platforms. I don’t notice VSync being an issue. However, when I play on a TV it’s there.

And still, M/K doesn’t pose an advantage in Gears of War. Your experience is really just anecdotal. You can’t expect to play against one good squad and assume that’s how all PC players are.

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Nope, no thank you. Any ranked playlist should have the option of turning it off due to severa factors. Social and Horde can have forced crossplay but otherwise it’s not right to force it and they know it. Even a 1% chance of an aim bot player is enough for me to turn it off. The game has enough issues as it is and turning it on doesn’t get me into better connection lobbies so why bother? As a console player there’s no positive for enabling it. None at all.