12 hour temp ban due to crashing issue

I have been having crashing issued on gears, and I managed to get it fixed finally last night after contacting Microsoft support. I tried to play a game today and discovered i had 11 hours and 55 minutes left on a matchmaking ban. I need that ban removed. I never intentionally left a game, and I tried to reconnect to every single game, only to get instant error messages saying I was kicked from the games.

This has been an issue for months, TC said they’re aware and investigating but that was almost a month ago and still no update.

Well that’s just a load of crap. How can they get away with all these bizarre issued and never do anything about it? This is disappointing.

Most of the team is working on Gears 5 and judging by the low response on critical issues my guess is the “Live Team” aka Gears 4 team is composed by the intern, the pizza guy and those not skilled enough to be on the Gears 5 team. Regarding the spawn issues on Horde - Blood drive Octus said in a dev stream that the new guy in charge of that is not yet skilled enough to fix it, so maybe bring someone skilled enough? Nope, they’re all working on Gears 5.

More skins and new events once in a while are a great way to keep people playing but unless they fix critical issues (servers for instance) I believe it’s better to let Gow 4 die with dignity instead of make what’s left of its life span be a misery. If they keep at it they might even alienate people eagerly waiting for Gears 5.

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