12 ft HDMI Cable Recommendation

With the Gears 5 Technical test right around the corner, I need to get my XB1 hooked up. I have always used the HDMI cable included in the consoles. However I have a new setup with a mounted TV and am now in need of a longer HDMI cable that will reach from my Xbox One to my TV. I will need something at least 12 feet as I have the wires run through my wall to stay hidden.

Is there a brand that absolutely works for the standard as well as Xbox One X that supports 4k. Preferably without breaking the bank. There are so many options on amazon but the reviews typically suggest they do not work great on devices that run 4k.

Thank you.

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I personally have a few different types of cables, and this is just my opinion :slight_smile:

I have a $150.00 Audio Quest cable, a $50.00 Rocketfish cable and a $150.00 Monster Cable… To me there is not any real difference… I worked at Best Buy for a long time, so the above prices are retail. I paid probably $30 for the Audio Quest, $5.00 for the Rocketfish and $30 for the Monster… Needless to say there is a bit of markup on these lol…

If it were me, I would buy the $50 Rocketfish… (Or make a friend at Best Buy and have him/her pick one up for ya lol…

I’ve owned very expensive HDMI cables and basic cables.

The principal is, it’s a Digital Signal, so it’s either there or it’s not.

If you can, get a HDMI 2.1 Cable - these might be hard to find but it’s future proofing the cable you have in the set up (my cables are hidden and so not easy to swap out).

It not, just get a HDMI 2.0a or 2.0b cable.

I normally just go with one that Amazon recommends or any large retailer that states the spec of the cable.

Paying £10 or £200 makes no difference to the “quality”.

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