1100 ping at random since update

I, and some others that I saw on Reddit, have been having games where the ping on the PC version goes to 1100 from start to end.

This has only happened since the most recent update.

I had xboxes playing the match with me cross platform, and while my ping (on the same router) was at 1100ms, theirs stayed under 150ms (which is still higher than my averages). This has also happened while not playing cross platform as well.

I hope people are spamming TC with this on Twitter. I’ve had major point issues the last couple days. Thought it was my ISP but now that I read this, I’ll test some other games.

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TC gets spammed hardcore about tons of stuff on Twitter. Pretty sure they ignore 99% of it.

I play on XBOX One S, and I have had the same problem with the 1100 ms ping. It has happened every evening for the last 3 nights. However, it only happens when I play Versus matches like KOTH. I haven’t had a problem in Horde.

I played 5 matches on Wednesday night and had no issues with my ping nor did my teammates. But the enemy team had constant issues but that wasn’t the game but rather their internet.

I do have some friends who have messaged me with complaints so I do know it exists as they shouldn’t be having any issues. It’s obviously not an issue with how Azure works but rather the way the game is communicating us with them. I remember I had an issue over a year ago where I was connected to a server with a 750ms ping while friends from down the street from me were in the 20s. My in game voice chat didn’t work at all. I quit out and joined a social match and my ping was 30ms. Did an Xbox Live test and it was 33ms. Joined their lobby again and I could hear them only during the loading screen but once I loaded in there were no voices and I was at 750ms again. Next match I was back to 30ms.

TC can ignore all they want but if their dull minds fail Gears 5 then TC and the franchise will be done. Personally the issues on 4 and the way they treat the community doesn’t look good for the future. All games obviously over time lose speed for population but of all the other major games I’ve played this is the fastest shrinking.