11 minutes to join escape

I guess everyone’s playing moder warefare and outerworlds right now?

Yeah, some of the difficulty levels can not be found through quick start. Probably due to not som many playing the specific difficulty.

I’ve had the same issue a couple of times. Changed difficulty setting and game was found within seconds.

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did you have to make it harder or easier?

I beat Outerworlds lol. I think more people play on the lower diff levels.

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nice I’m still getting through outerworlds too, trying to get all my companions quests done.

also I don’t usually go passed the advanced level…you mean i gotta go lower? T-T

Biggest chance to find a game fast through quick match, at least for me, is on beginner and a couple of mutators up. Around elite, give or take a mutator, has been hard to find a match for me.

Would be more fun if more matches were in mid-difficulties.

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Try custom games u can change what u search for with Y button i think… Could be X though or host 1 yourself

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yeah i found out its better to just go to custom

More likely man , everyone its doing this instead of playing escape:

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I didn’t even know that thing existed before now.

Not that I was able to figure out much from the video because I don’t speak whatever language was spoken in it(Spanish? I don’t really know for sure what language Mexicans use).

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my friend @AmicableWall421 how are you man ? :slight_smile: nice talkig to you.

that thing its called a " TROMPO " , its a toy used on Mexico to make tricks and to have fun.

The language used on the video its Spanish my native language :smile: however I usually speak English here and some Italian ( I’m workin’ on it ) hahahaha :slight_smile:

nice to greet you man .

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