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11 days until operation 2 begins...and 2 days until the reveal of all

Are you guys excited or no? This Monday should be the revealing of the new maps and characters and other modes. What are you hoping to see? What would get you hyped?

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Not really…


It’s going to be the best or the worst day of my life


Not in the slightest, lad.

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The worst day of my life was when I bought bald fhaz


3 new maps. Koth point change revert back. Characters other than ones mentioned. Gnasher gib range taken in more. Faster roll. Faster strafe. Make own multiplayer maps.

I’ll stop there…not even half that stuff will be in. Could care less about cosmetics when the game itself is awful.


Imagine buying skins for any new character

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Gridlock, kantus and myrrah is what I’m expecting

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Coming from the guy who bought every rng esport pack in gears 4 :stuck_out_tongue:


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At the rate their going we won’t actually see pre Gears 5 characters until op 4… Guessing Cole and Paduk will be Op 3…

Too little too Kait, I went back to 4 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Baird is pre-Gears 5…?

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Talking about whose in the campaign my bad didn’t make it clear :smile:

Ahh gotcha. I bet we get Paduk during Op 2. He was already leaked during E3 five months ago, and he’s a character whose Gears 5 model- and voice-work will already be surely done.

As opposed to, like, a Dom or Dizzy, who will need new models, and whose actors will likely need to be brought into a studio to record new lines.


I dont see any Clayton in the reveal so not really excited, unless baird’s a builder for horde or something, that’d be nice to not have to play Del lol

This will determine if I continue to play. I stopped playing hoping they will change things up compared to the first operation.

Fixes would be more appropriate really…looking forward to seeing which gears 4 maps are coming next🙄

Any epic designed maps, Lancer nurf, gnasher fix,Mace delete

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Not really. I hope the game takes a turn for the better, but honestly if TC expects for me to wait another year to be able to play as the characters and on the maps that I’ve come to expect from a Gears game they’ve got another one coming.
Currently whenever I’m in the mood for some Gears I just play 4. Wish there were more players there.

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Watch Baird be a skin for Del and Lizzy for Fauz, huge update!