1070ti Users Be Warned -Driver 382.53 doesn't work and here's why

If you have a 1070ti - Released NOV 2017, if you’ve tried downloading driver 382.53 and have been experiencing errors, it is because that driver is truly incompatible with the 1070ti.

The 1070ti was released after the 1080 and 1080ti. Meaning the card came out with a starting Driver of 388.13. Unlike the 1080 and 1080ti respectively.

I believe GPUs released before the 1070ti work because the base driver was BELOW 382.53 at launch or was the same driver during the cards release.

I’ve had this game for nearly a year and a half, people left and right telling me to DL 382.53 and I tell them all the time it simply doesn’t for me, they tell me, “You must be doing something wrong” “Are you sure you’re doing it correctly?” "Try DDU and then install…blah, blah, blah"

Driver 382.53 at least for me, simply will not install and I believe this is the reason why.

I would assume this applies to RTX cards as well, so don’t expect to buy one of those thinking maybe it’s a PASCAL issue because it’s not. It’s a Driver and developer issue, both NVIDIA and TC are at fault.

This is a “Nvidia Sponsored” game so for the simple fact this game crashes nonstop is frustrating. If that’s the case, remove quit penalties for PC players until this issue is completely resolved.

My game crashes all the time and 70% of the time, the game doesn’t allow me to rejoin, saying I’ve been kicked or the match is no longer accepting players.


I’ve been saying for the past 12 months that there should be a warning on the Windows Store that this game WILL crash on Nvidia hardware but they seem fine with selling broken software.

no developer should let a problem this major go unfixed for this long. I’m wondering why they don’t seek out help from Epic, MS or other developers at this point. what have you got to lose?

could you imagine Blizzard having this issue with Overwatch? no, me neither.

the new drivers to utilized have been updated to be a different version number. there was a forum post about it recently.

that being said, it still doesn’t work 100% of the time, but hey, neither does the game on xbox.

I believe that the problem relies on two things:

  1. There are MANY MANY MANY issues with gears at the moment: netcode, lootboxes which generate revenue for a game that was released years ago, hoiw to deal with quitters, falling off playerbase, etc.
  2. they just may not have the corporate power to allocate the proper fdunds to fix a PC problem, which, lets be honest, is not their #1 player base.

I have used the current driver 398.36 from this post: Important Update for Nvidia Gears 4 Windows 10 Users

Since then I have crashes, which can usually be attributed to high gpu heat(usually after playing for 6+ hours[I know thats a LOT of time at once, but MOD EDIT: Do not use profanity, don’t judge me]). I don’t have liquid cooling and after bringing the settings down to lower video settings, i’m good.

Alt + Tab to get to a different screen, using a nother monitor to affect programs by moving the mouse and secting those porgrams DO NOT WORK. it will freeze your game and your windows events will show an appl;ication hang common to the MoHang event errors. This is technical jargon for windows be farked sometimes.

My BEST personal opinion, is to completely REFRESH windows 10 and then install nvidia drivers i mentioned, turn off auto update of drivers via windows restart, download game and next time the game crashes be sure to check all gpu heat, mobo heat, and cpu heat, because this has been my experience as of late.

using xbox party app to utilize party chat is a whole other completely different monster, but that is not the coalitions fault at all.

as for 2.

no funds? if MS can’t be bothered to help it’s major first party developers in the PC space then why are they spending so much time on stage at E3 talking about it?

hey bud, i’m not saying this is truth, i’m giving my opinion because i’ve been involved in the corporate world just as many of the readers of this have. if something isn’t generating revenue( or enough revenue in the eyes of the board) then it won’t be allocated as priority. this could be a combined effort of allocation in the eyes of nvidia and the coalitions board. considering the way lootboxes have had a substantial backlash it may have hit the pockets hard.

but of course that is my opinion and we know nothing truly of the cause of the matter other than: “The issue turned out to be extremely complex, requiring months upon months of investigation and extensive testing to discern the root cause. During this time, we worked closely with the team at Nvidia to support this investigation and work towards a resolution for Gears fans as soon as possible.”

it doesn’t sell as much as nvidia thought it would, the coalitions money stops coming in as much because of lootbox backlash, i mean… i guess it makes sense, but hey, these are the things I think about as i’m watching my computer freeze, restart, rinse and repeat.

financially feasible or not, it’s making my decision to invest in more Win10 games an easy choice.

Ive been running this game every night for hours on my 1080ti for the past 2 months or so now with none of the issues in any of these crash report threads.

My drivers are 399,24

1080ti 8700k

I no longer crash on my drivers for months now.

Overwatch had the same issue with AMD cards on certain drivers, but fixed it after a couple months IIRC.

I crashed today.

Edit: Twice

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I have the driver that they said fixes the crashing and my game froze on a speedrun at wave 45

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Aw man, nothing worse than the screen freezing and the headache that ensues!

you’re saying it doesn’t crash on that driver at all period?