100K kill count achievement idea

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Well, if you do 10 casual kills a day, that’s 27.3 years
If you do 50 medium kills a day, that’s 5.4 years.
If you’re hardcore and do 100 kills a day, that’s 2.7 years.
If you’re a true hardcore and do 300 kills a day, that’s still 10+ months.

Similar goes to accumulated damage related cheevos also.

Generally. they should add Campaign/Escape/Horde into the mix for this to ever make sense. Also, give multiplier boost based on difficulty.

Beginner = 1x
Intermediate = 1.2x
Experienced = 1.4x
Advanced = 1.8x
Elite = 2x
Insane = 2.2x
Inconceivable = 2.4x
Master = 2.6x

Remember, all multiplier here are purely for the sake of progress towards this achievement. The actual stat shouldn’t be affected by this at all.

But even if they add all those modes, that doesn’t solve the whole problem either.

My friend’s primary character is Jack and he barely gets 5 kills per 50 waves of horde match, which is ok because he’s usually busy helping us all out.

If they add Horde, everyone’s gonna wanna play Marcus now, because he’s got that ultimate ability which lasts forever. or JD or engineers using sentries.

I think there are two different ways to solve this problem.

  1. All kills from your teammates counts toward the progress. This will eliminate unnecessary race to choose the DPS-ey characters. You can also apply this to versus matches, so that all your teammates kill counts toward the progress. That will make this achievement unlockable within 10 months, not 3 decades.
    Also, to make sure people don’t just grind in modes that usually get you more kills (like Ring related modes), they should have kill count boost to match each mode’s kill count. TC must have all statistical data needed to make this as fair as possible.
    For example. if their data show KoTH’s average kill count is 3.5 times per match of that of the GridIron, the GridIron should get 3.5x boost. and so on. Remember that TC should choose the highest kill count mode, and boost everything else to match it, NOT nurfing the higest kill count mode to match others.

  2. (For horde only) If they don’t want to count all teammates kills towards your progress, they should do character based kill count match.
    Since TC logs everything to their server, they must have extremely accurate & up-to-date kill counts for each character chosen in Horde.
    For example, if Baird gets 3 times more kills than, say Lahni, Lahni’s kill count should be (for this cheevo’s progression) boosted by 3x.
    Also, this multiplier on each character should be different on each difficulty.
    On easy mode, it’s easy for every character to get kills. So the multiplier should not be that much different from character to character.
    On master difficulty, we know it’s always Marcus, JD, and Engineers (w/ sentries). So everyone else should be boosted significantly to match them.
    And to give Jack some incentive juice, Jack should always get the kill counts that match the best performing player within the match.
    The multiplier for each match/difficulty/character should be updated every week based on the previous week’s new statistics and gets publicized. Seeing some less popular characters/mode/difficulty having kill count boost will give incentive for players to choose them more.

Again, none of the boost and multiplier I’ve mentioned above should affect statistics, it should be just purely for helping you progress towards killcount cheevos.

P.S 1. You can apply this whole multiplier concept to EXPs for Re-Ups also :slight_smile:)

P.S.2. I wouldn’t mind if your kill counts(for this cheevo) get multiplied in versus mode, For example, if you kill someone of higher skill than you. If you kill someone worse than you, it’s 1x kill. The actual K/D ratio and stats shouldn’t be affected. The boost should be purely for the achievement progression only.

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They could literally just make escape and horde kills count and the achievement would be fine. It would still be a bit of a grind but if you have been playing the lifetime of the game it should be reasonably obtainable

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They lowered the allies requirements, which even before the nerf, was so much easier than this. I’m not even going to bother to get this or 25K kills