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100% proof your matchmaking system is complete garbage

After complete frustration over the last three days of playing solo ranked King of the Hill because of the atrocious matchmaking, this was the tipping point for me. I’ve dipped into Masters twice now but can’t stay there, this is why.

Please… please explain to me why a Diamond 3/Master ranked player is getting paired with BRAND NEW PLAYERS who i just watched bot walk around the entire map aimlessly. This is 50% of my games, i promise you that’s not an exaggeration, but this game expects me to win this match? HOW.

Also how is the total team skill for my team 46,934?. All four of my teammates have to be on their placement matches, my points amount to 19,802, how can the other four people make up the other 27,132 amount of points if THEY DON’T HAVE A RANK?. Their still on their placement matches, i swear TC make this stuff up as they go.

I can’t put up with this awful matchmaking anymore, it sucks all the fun out of the game and is 90% my problem with Gears 5 right now. You can’t play with friends, not that any of my friends want to play Gears 5, it takes 10+ minutes to find a ranked game in the UK when you’re in a 3,4 or 5 man stack and that’s if you’re lucky to find a game at all.

This is the worst matchmaking of any game i’ve ever played. I know @TC_Octus wonders around these forums and answers a few questions here and there, would be really nice to have an explanation of why i was put in this match and why the total team skill equated to 46,934 when it’s not even possible as they don’t have ranks.

I feel like i need another 3 week break from Gears, this is easily the most angry i’ve been at this game.

Edit: Back for Operation 3 after 3 months baby, hope this matchmaking malarkey gets resolved one day.


I really man was going to talk about DDM, but reading your whole post man… I really feel your anger man. I’m sorry this has happened to you if I were TC I would give a free copy of DOOM ETERNAL to you man as a apology.

That’s the least you deserve my friend @o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o


I cannot wait for that game, i probably wont touch Gears 5 for an entire month when that comes out.

I’ve never quit a ranked game in Gears 5 or 4 or even 3 to be honest but this was the closest i was to just dashboarding and walking out.



(Not laughing at OP).

If those new people are pkaying togerher they will get a HUGE boost to their team score, so they could each have 3k points but are squadded as a 4 stack.

Having a balanced game is a nice to have for TC, not a requirement, they said many times. Ranks are only 1 of the inputs into matchmaking, they said.

It’s the new "man’s game " @o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o who isn’t waiting for such game…

when it hits , I don’t think most of us are going to be on this forums for quite a while :smile:

@Omen_LP its not longer playing gears 5 when doom eternal arrives also.



But that’s the point though, if their level 1 without a re-up that means their on their placement matches… which means they don’t have any points, how can the total team skill add up to 46,934.

I need an explanation from someone at TC it’s doing my head


Well i do think the matchmaking is crap. You werent favored to win and you gained skill points.

unranked players get some kind of default skill point level for matchmaking purposes, they have to, can’t have it be zero…

That means they all have 6,783 points each, which is bronze 3 or silver 1?. How come un-ranked players on their placement matches are ranked higher than low ranking bronze players.

Also doesn’t explain why somebody with 200 points off the highest amount you can get being 20,000 was paired with them.

I played with you today as Gears Drama :smile:

Hey man, you’re really good. well played in that game.

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Thanks man, you too :slight_smile: I’m glad that I play with someone who is very good like you from time to time


Edit: @D_A_N_III_3_L I don’t want to hijack the topic, as for your question: Of course :slight_smile:



This happened to me in Gears 4 once. Same team composition too, three level 1’s and one level 2. At that point all you can do is laugh at the absurdity and accept the inevitable loss.

It’s actual madness, you would think TC would’ve created a system that doesn’t allow this to happen, or maybe it would happen once in like 30 games, not 50% of the time.

that’s so f¨¨¨ng BAD ASSSS the music MAN !!!, THE GAME , ! !.

" the only thing they fear… ITS YOU !!! "

You’re going to play DOOM ETERNAL @Noble_Guardian ? :slight_smile:


They say the Demons look under their bed every night in case the DOOM SLAYER is there


Ohhh, I totally agree the approach is flawed.

TC is totally ADDICTED to this “team X was favored to win” crap, which is valid in 1v1 competitions but useless in ranking individual members in a team competition. So as long as they need a prediction of TEAM performance, they have to default unknows to SOMEthing - this is nothing more than a guess…

Yeah, a very good question - Why TF is a Diamond getting squadded with unranked level 1 brand new players…

Because… “reasons?”


that so damn right man !!. doom slayer its the characterization of GEARS 5 DONE RIGHT !!!..

It’s a pity TC doesnt have in their guts to create something that diabolical like THE DOOMS SLAYER !!!

We don’t need any DDM when the DOOM SLAYER ITS AROUND @o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o


I don’t get angry very often, most things i can let slide over my head with ease. But i this really annoyed me for some reason, maybe it’s just because it happens so often. TC always give vague explanations of how the ranking system does actually work, but the end result says completely different.

If they put the DOOM SLAYER in Gears 5 as a promotion instead of those dumb terminators, i might be able to chill out about the matchmaking system.


Ill tell you why. Because its faster for the game to find bronze ranks than Diamond ranks.