100% medals, progress 97%

How is this possible? Is this about the ‘coming soon’ medals in the Versus Events tab?


Yea I’d say it’s the versus event medals that they haven’t added yet.

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I don’t think they will either :frowning:

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Doesn’t seem like it lol.

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It will be added in weeks 11, 12, 13. Probably some easy ones.

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Any source?

This was made in operation 2. You had 4 medals that were unlocked every week in last 4 weeks of operation.

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Same boat as Ron Jeremy. Want to 100% this operation. Last medals better not be FFA related…

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Easy or not, I’ll only get em if the event is something I wanna play and thus I get em naturally lol. I was mainly just answering for OPs sake, me personally I can care less if I complete that medal group(though Ironically I have so far… but we had Bunny Hunt, Gnashers FFA and OSOK, played all 3 as much as I could lol) I can care less about the ugly Niles skins, only medal groups I cared about this go around was the executions.

Me as well, I only want to 100% all medals once for the achievement. I don’t care about skins.

Is there na achievement for this? It wasnt in any previos operations.

There will be :smiley:

Just noticed that Versus event medal wasn’t unlocked for completion. That indicates one thing - operation will be delayed.

That would be okay, only if is not a month… ^^

It will put TC in place were are all studios that can’t be trusted. This will be third time when they will not be able to publish their main products dlc in time. I would be ashamed if it would be my game.

No disrespect ,Whether I finish the full medals or not.Im just Playing this game to relax ,Why I don’t really concern myself for either achievements/medals,Bugs still are a issue and because of what you have gone through Op.