100% CPU usage during loading screens?

Hello there,

Guys I’ve been having an issue since day one and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issue as well and if there’s an actual fix for it?

Basically the CPU usage would spike to 100% ONLY during loading screens causing stability issues and longer waiting times not to mention the unnecessary high temps, whether it’s starting the game, loading a multiplayer map or exiting back to the main menu from a campaign or a match.

During gameplay everything is fine and the overall performance is good with reasonable CPU usage.

I’m on an i7-8750h with an RTX 2070, and a clean installation of Nvidia’s driver #436.02 as I found it to be more stable in Gears 5 (aside from the artificial textures and stuff) Gears 4, and other games as well.

I hope TC fix this permanently as I saw a few people having the same issue on Reddit with some fixing it via a clean drivers installation but unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


Interesting. When I’m in discord and the game loads. Chat gets all choppy until the game starts. GTX1080TI, I78086K. Must be a recent issue because it never did this at the start.

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You’re probably experiencing the same thing unfortunately, 100% CPU usage :confused:

I am having the same issue have you guys figure out why?

No, unfortunately.
It only happens with Gears 5, Gears 4 is fine with loadings :confused:

I have the same issue and it’s done that from day 1 for me. If I’m scrolling on my second monitor while a map loads I notice my computer locks up for a second or two as the match finishes loading. Not a huge deal since like I said it only lasts a couple seconds but definitely noticeable.

This is with a 9700k stock, installed on an Intel 750 1.2TB Series SSD that isn’t my boot drive.

Same thing here

The new title update didn’t fix this issue, unfortunately. :confused:

Still happens to me on the new Title update. Xbox live chat pauses, my second screen freezes, even discord chat gets choppy and pauses

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Same thing here unfortunately, although someone said that they did a clean installation of Nvidia driver 436.15 and the issue went away.

Didn’t try it personally.

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I tried 436.15 and the first time I ran the game the computer froze for like 15 sec this time…but after that the issue seems to be gone. You would get a hiccup but it’s much shorter than the new updated driver!!!

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Thanks for this! I’m still too scared to install a new driver as the one I’m currently using is somewhat stable except for Gears 5 of course. I read somewhere that the devs talked about this issue in a recent stream so hopefully it gets fixed soon in a game update, once and for all. ماقصّرت :wink:

I’ve been having this problem since the ultimate edition released, I hope this gets fixed because right now I don’t feel comfortable running this game at all on my PC and its kind of annoying that it hasn’t been addressed at all by them yet.

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Issue still occurs.

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i raised this ages ago , but the the coalition are ignoring it, they say its a minority or it being looked into. pics below show crashing in realtime, cpu high then crash gears%20spike gears%20crash

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Did they actually say this? I haven’t seen them acknowledge that this is even happening anywhere yet.

Same. My PC game crashes at about 1 in every 10 loading screens, and when it doesn’t crash, the whole OS slows down for a few moments.

Other than that, it runs perfectly fine. It’s specifically loading screens that ■■■■■ everything up.

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check the last dev video , octus talks about it for 2 secs

Disable windows 10 game mode, if your cpu chokes…

Thanks for the suggestion. I never use game mode, it has nothing to do with it, it’s an issue on the game’s end.