100% Completion

I recently got back into gears of war. I got close to 100% on my old account before I lost it. I was wondering how possible it would be to get 100% on og gears through 5

Good luck

Gears Judgment currently has an achievement that is unobtainable right now.

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That game can be skipped though. All that matters is Gears 1-5, no horrible side projects.

Its always nice when devs make achievements that won’t be friendly to players in the long term.

I mean this is kinda like Exclusive Content or MP in general, no? If you picked up Gears 4/5 right now there’s loads of stuff you will never be able to get.

And it sucks. Multiplayer achievements turn a lot of hunters off.

Maybe the hunters shouldn’t be 10 years late :person_shrugging:

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What made you lose your account? :eyes:

nah they just straight up avoid them or play on alts :wink:
ranked/multiplayer usually already has tones of medals/proof of your skills
why they need achievements too??

edit - coop/multiplayer stuff is fine to a degree but unobtainable stuff is always sad


It is, but damnit if i paid 200$ for Thors hammer my Kratos better look extra special :pleading_face::rage:.

Which one is that

You don’t have Thors hammer
prove It

On a side note, I have a broad question.

But what happens to games which require you to be online all the time (including the campaign), when the servers shut down?

I presume that they become unplayable? When the GOW5 servers go down we can’t even host our own games so it’s clear that we need the servers to even host games.

It would be interesting to see a test case in court in the future where a game is purchased long in the future butnis unplayable due to lack of servers and the game requiring connection to servers. Obviously the publisher can pull digital sales from stores, but there will still be hard physical copies for many games.

I get that online multiplayer is considered an extra, but its usually still advertised on the box art blurb. But even more extreme is if the campaign is unplayable too.


It’ll be a tough cup of “It is what It is” honestly. The best they can do like you said is pull the games from the store.

Hypothetically speaking say It does happen and someone stumbles upon a physical copy, right? It’s not like they were sold an entirely incomplete game being as they still have campaign access.

Just doesn’t seem like TC really thought out the long term functionality of the game. Perhaps trying to counter abusive glitches or progress with the current setup they have now, everything being server side.

Doesn’t GOW5 require connection to the servers for the campaign (solo)? I might be wrong and have never tried it offline (as I’ve only played it co-op). If so, then GOW5 wouldn’t be playable at all once the servers go.

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Its extremely scuffed but you can play It offline.

I genuinely hope in the next game Seriously requires something to do in Versus. For 2 games now its just been a PvE only achievement.

I mean they exist

they just suck lol…

I was meaning specifically for Seriously to have something to do with Versus. Like achieve the highest rank in any ranked playlist.