100 Cash Prize Tournament! $$

Under a month, the Infamous Cash prize tournament has resurfaced!!! It will re-debut this upcoming week. It’ll either be on Monday, the 21st, or Friday , the 25th @9pm EST. I will provide an update when the time comes. Based on the success of the previous tournament, it seems like this is immensely popular. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you feel, I will be maintaining the previous 14 person FFA format. I know some folks wanted control or koth. I have no doubt that you may see that in the future, I just have to figure out how I’d work it. I bend to the will of the people and if the people by majority rule, demand that there be no PC players, then so be it. I personally don’t discriminate against PC players, but there were complaints about them being present.
Anyways the rules will be as follows:

  • 14 person FFA
  • Gnashers only
    -First come first serve in the lobby.
  • First to 100 kills.

There is one slight caveat with this tournament. The winner of the FFA tourney, will have to immediately 1v1 me after they win the tourney and BEAT me. It’ll just be one match, no best of 3 series. The winner of the FFA tourney will have the choice to select the map for the 1v1 against me (be it Mid, Arena, Boxes, or Annex). The format of the 1v1 will be the 2v2 gnasher format, with me simply locking the two extra slots.

If you have any questions, concerns, complaints, theories, recommendations, early trash talk, I’m all ears and eager to hear y’alls feedback!

P.S Like last time, the $100 will come in the form of cashapp, apple pay, or microsoft giftcard. Your choice. Previous winner of the tournament was: Storm Scylla. You can verify he received the payment and won in dominate fashion.

P.S.S tournament is starting now. Waiting in the lobby for participants to secure their spot


Democracy in action

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I’d rather you just make all the decisions and not be corrupt. But DAMN we have to beat you


You should host a tourney strictly for PC Players only. There is a lot of good ones out there that play better than pro’s would be awesome to watch.


wait so you doin it on friday?


It’s a beautiful world ain’t it?

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@TC_Clown help me setup the BONE im going in dry.

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Ya know, you could talk to your buddy Snubbs about that

Ill take a raincheck on that one

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im confused

I love this! And i have been playing gears since age 9 like many of us here. (22 now!) I would love for a chance to be updated and possibly invited to play in a gnasher tournament. I’m a PC player though and I understand the difference… thank you

I know it has been a while, but the tournament is back up! Join my discord server so you can always stay in the loop! Yuri's Famous Gears Stadium