100% boost, not 300%

Boost only gave 100% xp. Versus menus says 3x.

Did a 1st kill on LE Hive and only got 100%, as test.

I did get the free boost though.



On twitter he replied to everyone:

@TC_Shauny: Asking now!

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Same here

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Lol still can’t get it right. That’s why I don’t mind that I’m at work whenever new operations or do events starts because they never work properly


Heads up everyone - the 3x XP will be going out around 11am PDT, the Free Boost is already active.


What about this tweet?

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Yeah sorry it was TC Shauny’s comment on twitter.

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it says 212% for some reason lol

it works for me 400%


now it does yeah lol

400% active now.

400% total or +400%?
Either way it’s not 3x or 6x. It’s either 4x or 5x. Weird

I have standard then 400% as the boost.

272% for me.

I have paid boost as well!

Have you tried restarting the game?

This always happens. Tc says they are giving 200% or 300% boost, and it drops, and you only get 100% but an hour or 2 later you are getting the promised boost lol. Wait for it to come near to the last few hours of boost, and it will most likely go back to 100% lol.

I will good idea currently clock speed running :grin:

Nice chance to catch up on an audio book or two.

Ha! Same here with audiobooks! :smiley:

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Speaking of weird numbers which should, but haven’t been rounded up, here’s a fun fact for you all - did you know that one of the main reasons for items in shops often being priced at 1.99; 3.95 etc, was to reduce theft by cashiers? It creates a situation where they tend to have to open the till in order to give the customer change, and the till obviously tracks transactions etc.

The secondary reason is to make items look cheaper, but this was always a secondary thing.