100% a s&*$ post

I just want to voice my displeasure and knowing that TC has done a horrible job responding to and actually doing anything I expect this to get locked but I’ll vent anywyas.

As if it isnt bad enough that this game released with no customization extras, as I have said in another thread 200 banners/bloodsprays/emotes is filler garbage, as if the game isnt barren enough they release Batista…who is basically just a head scan placed on top of Marcus Fenix. You couldn’t bother making him even remotely unique? Seriously TC this is pathetic and an insult to paying customers.



Shut up

Calm down. Have some dip.

Wait til you see the recycled executions! You know all those extra executions? Well, basically you can do the Gnasher execution with the Hammerburst, or the Markzha one using the Gnasher etc… Unique? Pfft!

Please be constructive. The devs do actually listen to feedback.