100,000 verses kills achievement

So I love all the gears games and love to play ranked mainly. But I’ve honeslty found the 100k kills and 50k assists achievements is getting to me. Like I feel because I know its there its influencing how I play the game and what game modes I play. I’ve also noticed people are boosting the achievement by spending hundreds of hours in custom matches farming idle controllers. Is this what gears is about now? Just a massive grind forcing people who want to play it normally on ranked like myself to keep playing for years and even after gears 6 has come out? I won’t ever boost verses idle controllers because that’s soul destroying. But is there another way?

I really think they should change it and can’t understand how something like that could make it in to the game. I love the game but FFS coalition what were you thinking


I’d rather just play the game and if the achievement pops it pops. Who could be bothered spending hours shooting a player in a custom lobby? I value my free time too much!


Can you farm it in private match against bots?

Yeah but playing 60 hours+ ageinst bot doesn’t sound like the greatest gaming experience to me

Lol I just checked mines and I’m not even a quarter a way there yet
a good game for me is 20 kills+
average is maybe 10-15

I’m not an achievement Hunter like i used to be but if I still were I’d be quite bummed out too.


It’s more like 400-500 against bots, without idle-controllers.

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Yeah that sounds a whole lot more likely and really makes me question TC’s ability to calculate or care, one of the two or both I guess


Did you miss the live stream where Dana said it would only take 2 or 3 weeks to complete playing legit? It is such an easy achievement lol


it’s designed to keep people who feel like they MUST get every checkbox playing.

Instead of making a game which people will WANT to play on and on and on, they come up with these things in an attempt to force people to keep grinding…


of actual playtime? because yeah that seems rather optimistic but might be possible

I was being sarcastic. He legitimately thought you could get it playing a few hours a day for 2 to 3 weeks.


Okay thought you might be sarcastic but there are people who would actually think like that, should have clarified in the comment

That makes Sense but It’s a rather dumb move imo, if they made these achievements half or a quarter of the amount I’d be motivated enough to get them done, but the way they are now the grind is too long for me to actually dedicate to it

I wouldn’t be surprised if they adjust these achievements but people have tried to get them changed when they came out. They removed all the grind for reups and ally XP so there is a chance they change them.

I’ve said this across multiple threads and I’ll gladly repeat myself here.

TC need to rethink their achievement design so that players actually play the game in order to achieve them.

By this I mean that they make far too many achievements that require mindless repetition that promote finding ways of getting around them. Which of course they then waste resources on patching.

Remember idle rubber banding in Escape lobbies? Or ribbon farming? What about Forge speed runs and Overload speed runs? Or running to the first safe room on the clock and restarting?

Or MG trap speed runs on War Machine in Gears 4? Or running thousands of Brumak speed runs in Gears Pop?

You only get achievements like 100,000 kills in versus via two methods.

  1. It’s literally the only game mode you play in the only game you play and it takes months/years

  2. You find a way to fudge it - like private lobbies with AFK controllers (which by the way TC made harder by having spawns swap in Guardian)

Make achievements interesting, funny or skilful. But hundred of hours of repetition? Ugh.

They changed Allies XP. They changed reup XP. Maybe they will see sense on this one?


so I can get THIS by playing private, but I can’t get any of the versus medals by playing private? Like guardian leader kills? I’ll play against bots in private, no problem, but have zero interest in fighting with other players


I’ve been playing on a regular basis since the game was released and I’m at 35% for assists (playing support most of the time), 30+% at kills and 28% damage.

The numbers by themselves are absurd, most likely Dana came with the idea since he never played the game much (he actually said it would take 2 weeks to complete it).

Cherry on top? no bots on social quickplay.

I just want TC to take a good look at the numbers and adjust accordingly, unless they meant for boosting with idle controllers? Maybe Microsoft gave the order so people would buy more controllers :smile:

The guy in charge of achievements in this game needs to be fired asap.


Literally you’re all right, I enjoy getting them but sometimes I look at this and I’m like who tf thought this was a good idea. Just baffles me because I will never get it as I’m very busy, 2 jobs, play 2 instruments and compete in triathlon so im training a lot. I love gears but man I will never be able to do this. Like you all said above, ita just a pointless long grind, I’d rather enjoy the game by playing normally and stay away from bots but that means I won’t get it haha. Oh well

I think he forgot to add some zeroes. He has a problem with that. I’m glad he doesn’t write my paychecks.