10 to 15 minute wait time UK Player?

I got to waiit so long to get into games… NAT OPEN… Game dead or what??

What mode are you searching for? KOTH ranked is averaging about 2 mins search, albeit a lot of lobby’s have dissolved

NAT doesn’t matter for Gears because it’s on dedicated servers

Honestly, some people should learn what dedicated server means and what virtual machines like Azure cloud servers are. There’s no dedicated servers on xbox live anymore, they belong to history with xb360…

I mean, if you play VS MP it’s easy to tell the difference.

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What playlists and time of day are you searching for games? If you were searching just before you posted this then you were searching between 4 and 5pm on a Monday, not exactly the most active time. I usually search for games between 7 to 10pm or so and don’t have much trouble.

If you’re trying to find games in anything other than KOTH, Team Deathmatch, Escalation, Execution or special event playlists you’ll be out of luck because the other playlists are dead unless it has bot backfill.

Can you go into more depth?

I don’t know the difference and would like to, care to elaborate?

@API @Belkain

Let’s try with this…


Then, one of the comments explains it better than I could ever do it:

Unless Microsoft have changed the laws of physics then no I’m not ■■■■■■■■, I do, however, have experience in distributed architectures, what you know as Cloud, was previously SaaS, before that Grid, SOA, and so on.

And the basic fundamentals of distributed processing hasn’t changed - online experiences are not magically transformed by the appearance of a dedicated server.

Assuming that you can put your azure love to one side for a second, imagine that I have a dedicated server, that server has to be hosted somewhere, now lets look at the common places in the EU where companies put their bases of operations - Luxembourg and Ireland immediately spring to mind as they have favourable tax connotations, now you might get all in a kerfuffle over that, but given the Titanfall only has a couple of near datacentres that you should use in Europe, it’s likely that at least the XB1 Azure nodes aren’t some great Skynet type thing.

Now here’s where it gets a bit tricky, because of well, you know, ‘SCIENCE’.

Assuming a single synchronous call from A to B, A will wait for B to complete or error before continuing. The distance and number of hops between A and B have a DIRECT correlation on latency between those two distinct points, because of 1) distance (you know time = distance / speed) and 2) forwarding a packet and keeping a connection open is not a costless operation (which is important as B is a cloud, and therefore you have no idea how many internal hops your packet is making within the cloud). Now let’s not get bogged down in relative speeds of copper vs fiber-optic cabling, and under sea cabling vs satelite beaming, but the further something is away is a huge determinant in your latency.

So if the dedicated server for me is in Luxembourg, and I live in the UK and you live in France… who’s going to get the better connection, dedicated server or otherwise, now if games always use those datacenteres that means I will always get a slower connection to that datacentre regardless, because buildings don’t just up and move.

This also doesn’t account for contention ratios on the box, running multiple VMs on a single hardware piece, or single software installations possibly performing multiple ‘matchmaking servers’ at the same time.

The other thing is that dedicated servers only resolve a single part of online gaming - wildly varied distance fluctuations (hence why P2P is sometimes good sometimes awful, but generally meh, dependent upon where you sit in regards to the connection speeds against average distances to chosen hosts), there are several other issues, such as bandwidth, security, changing network topology (which is particularly important with cloud systems as they progress), reliability which at a technical level seems better because of it being a datacentre and thus not one single point of failure, but you’re still on a connection across several brittle pieces of the internet, which whilst they can reroute data as the internet is supposed to, will still cause a network loss issue if your connection has to reroute in the middle of a game.

Dedicated servers on consoles are not a silver bullet, and ping really isn’t an accurate measure of sustainable quality.


Right, well does that have anything to do with what I said? Gears gamers are still connecting to the game’s dedicated servers, so with the absence of P2P connections, NAT doesn’t affect matchmaking turnout anymore.

I’m not sure what you were saying exactly.

I had a rough idea of how it worked, now I know a little more.

Thanks for the reply.

still takin ages to find games… im solo on TDM… fkin buIIshit

Again, what time are you searching? Because judging by the time you posted this you were searching at like 5pm and earlier when not many people are playing. Try between 7pm and 10pm if you haven’t yet.

If it still takes longer than 5 mins to find matches then maybe the game really is dying off, or maybe there’s something preventing you from connecting to more players like rank, reputation, connection quality, etc.

Or maybe everyone is playing KOTH instead of TDM now, I dunno.

I’ve pointed you out to notice the difference, cloud as shared services system can do this on global scale, dedicated servers are local