10 Things Gears 5 is Missing

  1. Remove KICK as “melee” beat down - Before, it used to be a melee from your shotgun, and you were still able to move properly. Now, if you kick the opponent, you are “locked in” to the animation. This slows down game play.

  2. Make Explosives + Shock grenades hurt both teams. This is only fair, and will keep the momentum going, as all players have to wait for the shock, or risk killing teammates with a grenade/boomshot. This gives time for both sides to respawn and start their run back to the game.

  3. Change the sniper crosshair back to the original one. In both Left Trigger and Snipe Zoom. This new sniper crosshair just feels weird…

  4. Slow down roadie run, and put back weapon swapping time back…

  5. Fix the lancer… The lancer needs to work… right now, a literal full clip barely puts any one down?

  6. Health times regenerate way too fast… before you knew exactly when someone was weak… so if you were fighting 2v1… and shot someone good, then bodied the second guy, you knew you could one shot down the second guy. Way too inconsistent

  7. What happened when both players were able to put each other down? This never happens… let alone a trade…

  8. Quit wasting people’s time… do you really think this “punishment system” is actually going to work to reduce quitting? What happens when someone quits, and it’s 3v4? Those 3 people get punished for quitting? LOL… the game is over, why would the 3 want to stay for such a long match of KOTH… If it’s 3v4, allow a “FORFEIT” option… this is honestly so dumb Why do the 3 get punished and have to wait… you have no consideration for people’s time at all.

  9. Make “ACTIVE RELOADS” matter… that was a huge part of Gears… if you timed your reload properly, it gave you an advantage… TC has to go back to the roots of Gears 1, and start from there. There’s too many new alternatives that have just messed up the flow of this game.

  10. Remove these new weapons that have ruined gears of war. I’m talking DROPSHOT, SCORCHER, RETRO LANCER… These are so over powered and cheap, they are not fun at all. Gears 1 lancer was perfect. The hammer burst was also awesome. And… if you had an “ACTIVE ROUND”, it actually helped…

Preaching to the priest

So you want to slow the roadie running down and buff the lancer?

Sounds absolutely awful and I can predict what’ll happen there every game

The movement speed is fine it’s slow enough, they can implement the slower weapon swap if they like but leave the damn movement alone


Where did I say buff the lancer?

I said fix the lancer… bring it back to how it used to be with the NORMAL CROSSHAIRS…

You’re moaning a clip doesn’t down anyone, when it really does if you’re accurate enough

I feel the lancers in a OK position right now with the current movement

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Dude, my aim is dead on, I may miss like 5 bullets… in a real gears game you could down two enemies on one clip… especially if active.

You’re adding no value at all - You didn’t even read the points, you said buff the lancer when I said increase it.

Read first please.

How come the active reload was removed from the gnasher and lancer?

Consistency. They are aiming for consistency. No one can know if someone had active or not.

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Well what do you want less recoil, more damages, bigger mag? Either way that’d be a buff in that sense, changing a cross hair ain’t gonna do much, if you were playing that dev playlist I’ll understand as it was nerfed again but the regular op4 playlist it’s good enough

Only agree on point 9 the rest offer nothing to the gears 5 gaming experience, get rid of classic guns? slow ■■■■ down? No thank you

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Yes

  4. No

  5. Yes

  6. No & Yes

  7. Yes

  8. No


  10. No

Active reloads caused more problems then good imo, doesn’t take anything away gameplay wise not having it. If it did get implemented again, then TC would have to mess about with the gnasher again for its power etc.

did you just say the scorcher is bad?
how dare you.

It’s missing 5 v 5. And the ability to play with friends in tdm. Oh its missing the dark gritty look and violence. And overall I think its missing a staff that knows what there doin.

Okay well if it was just a scorcher maybe… but it leaves the ground on fire like incendiary grenades?

Imagine if the boomshot or dropshot left flames on the ground to continue to hurt the enemies… that’s way too over powered…

And @WHEL4N most of those points are from classic gears… which is why gears 5 is wack right now.

@FalseEndo - you must be late to the series. Active reload was a huge part of this game… it’s because the speed is too fast that gnasher battles aren’t what they used to be.

  1. Absolutely
  2. Whew No lol, I actually would want this but I completely don’t due to Online wouldn’t be able handle this man. Too many angry people in life.
  3. Ehh I like the new one but don’t care
  4. No
  5. Yes but many will disagree due to cross so I say leave it for sake of holding community together at this point lol.
  6. No and Yes, so I guess leave it🤔
  7. No it seems fine to me and there were always complaints about trading.
  8. Absolutely
  9. No… active reloads were always horrible to me for PVP. Matter of fact,
    I would even remove weapon jamming. I don’t see how it adds anything and believe it to be frustrating to new players. Although! I get that it is a staple of the franchise so many may always want it in some way. But I would scrap the entire concept.
  10. Nope… Entirely opposite. Bring all the weapons back and especially the ones from judgment.
  • 1st person hammerburst with single shot control = best gun in this game ever!!! IMO
  • Breechshot was beautiful
  • Mark a with a scope
  • Booshka was greatness
    And I would bring back variable weapon starts. Lancer/gnasher every game is boring IMO

I Like the thread tho. :+1:t5:

Thank you for constructive feedback, this is what is needed.

In terms of Friendly Fire… if this could be done properly, it would work. There needs to be a way to “vote the person out” if they teamkill you twice… just like in Halo, as Halo has done friendly fire very well.

With Active Reloads, this was a huge part of Gears 1, both in terms of the shotgun, as well as the lancer.

People who whine, are the people who have weak aim, or don’t understand their surroundings.

Most of these points come straight from Gears 1, which is why this game succeeded in the first place.

Many times these restrictions (such as gun jamming) are in place, is to differentiate skill gap.

If you remember Gears 1 in 2006… it required so much skill to kill with the gnasher… and this is what is lacking in Gears 5. Too much trying to make the noob happy and give them a gold star, rather than make the game a game… if you’re good you’re good.

Lol BRUH I want you to attempt to remove yourself/ego from what you wrote and reread your last comment.

This is why this game can’t even crack TOP 50 on Xbox Live most played list.
The ENTITLED to feel better/hardcore/gears 1 players lol👍🏾

Played since the very beginning. Just think all active reload should be is quicker ammo replenish. It. Should not give extra damage as it just made the gnasher a even more puzzle then it already is. Just another hypothetical element to try and solve.

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Exactly my point the active reload that adds damage will just cause more problems imo to the gnasher. Why add something to try then spend updates to balance. Yes actives have been in the game to start doesn’t mean they was successful.

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