10 player horde?

Remember that glitch in gears 2 where 10 people could be in the same horde game? I honestly loved that glitch sooooo much because how the absolute chaos that would insue with everyone trying to kill the enemies which stood no chance until later on.

My question is, would anyone enjoy seeing this return in gears 5 as a new horde game mode? Like horde lite in the sense that it will always be in the selection lists as a permanent game mode. No different from normal horde except there’s 10 people, and 4 times the amount of enemies. The game would be an absolute war zone and I think it would be fun as hell.

What do you guys think?

Sounds fun but with 4x the amount of enemies I doubt the one - one s would be able to keep a smooth rate. The x won’t be able to keep 60 fps also.

Oh yea def. I have 2013 edition and getting able 30 on anything is rare. My eyes are unable to tell the difference between 30 and 60 idk if anyone else knows what I mean.

Could be fun for a while. I think 5 is a really good number though. The main thing I would like to see other than variation of course is numbers of enemies on screen at once. So disheartening to have only a few enemies per wave.

I know you have to build up, so get that from the initial waves but even on some of the higher ones (depending on size/value of enemy) you can still get a very low number.

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5 is fine, too many people is just asking for problems. Considering the power fully levelled characters can have, it would be too easy. Plus in a lot of situations it would be too overcrowded, which in turn will make maps feel smaller.

It was a fun glitch, but shouldn’t be made official.

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See I think Horde difficulty scaling could use a rework. I know Horde was initially made really quickly, but the health, accuracy and damage boosters just make it a grind. A real difficulty would just add more enemies. Maybe some damage tuning, but mainly just making it more chaotic makes it more challenging. As a D&D creator I find it to be more challenging for our games to increase types of enemies and amount of them instead of just upping damage. I know it doesn’t translate into Gears smoothly, but it’s something and I think all games not just gears could learn from that.