10$ For chrome, really? And need to pay real money for characters?

Chrome was my fav skin in gears 3 but this just look like … crap. I miss the real epic games. Not this cash grab company. I see now the only reason the game was on gamepass is because of the “iron” you have to pay and can’t earn. Been playing ranked and even If you within the top 3 players you get nothing. And with the new mac skin . My guess is this is what they are gonna do with the old classic characters as well. Sad, sad stuff


Characters are free!

Skins are earnable

Exclusive skins are paid for


I mean I liked how epic did things but ahem (Look at them now mate they are literally mic-)

But you can still earn content for free!
Other things must be bought of course o<o
(Which I have no problem with I mean they don´t have a snub to my head telling me to buy it, I will willingly buy something if I personally like it ^^ )

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They aren’t free. You have to grind for them in the ToD which wouldn’t be a problem if the quests didn’t make you play modes you don’t like making you waste time grinding like it’s free to play in a full priced AAA game.

Even if they change that aspect the rewards are swarm drone, swarm sniper ext. Which should have been starter characters to begin with!


Wrong. Characters are not free since they will be the last reward in the tour duty in game or you can purchase them directly which is a disgusting practice by TC


I respectfully disagree with you. I’m going off of what tc actually said I’m sure you’ll have to earn them some way. But they will not be for sale as tc specially stated that all character will be earned In game with no rng or purchase.

They will not be the last item on the tour as they are not one now. Maybe there will be one at the end of next tour but that will not be the only one.

That would be one character every three months it’s not gonna happen that way

So they are free… they don’t cost real money… you have to earn them. Not use real money … you mean free?

You all are being babies. Complained about loot boxes and this is what happens. They’re free play the game you chose to buy and play to earn them.

I swear you guys buy games to not play them.
Seriously who complains about playing a game they bought. If you’re mad you have to play the game to unlock stuff why play. You clearly don’t like the game to begin with?

I’m out rant over


I know they’ve said characters will be able to be earned or purchased, but where did they say it will be the LAST reward in the Tour of Duty?

They’ve already confirmed that new characters will be available to earn forever once they are added, which suggests the means to earn them will exist outside the Tour of Duty.


Its on Gamepass because it is OWNED by Microsoft



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You can iron through tour of duty, but theyre cosmetic items they dont give you an advantage in the game and you can earn an assortment of skins by playing the game. Microtansactions help fund the game and im sure other people’s favprite skins will be behind paywalls too. Nobody is making you buy the cosmetic items, but if you want them bad enough you have to pay thats just how it is, it’s not like youre owed them just because you liked them and want them. If wanting something meant you were entitled to it im sure there’d be a lot more millionaires in the world and people would stop going to work too and do whatever they want all day.

Which skins are earnable for Mac, Lanhi, Keegan, Imago etc?

Most of the population wanted to due away with the loot boxes and this is what we have to live with now. Suck it up or don’t bother with the skins. Only one I will pay for is Griffin and that’s IF they even release him this time around.

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From Gears 5 homepage:

"Dropping every three months, Operations will evolve your Gears 5 Multiplayer Experience with FREE new modes, maps, Characters, major features, customization items and more… "

“Every Operation brings a new Tour of Duty – a season long progression system that is full of free earnable cosmetic content.
Complete daily objectives and seasonal medals to earn Stars that help you rank up in Tour of Duty. Every level you gain, or medal group you complete, will come with a new piece of exclusive customization – like character skins, weapon skins, executions, blood sprays, banners, expressions, marks and more.”

Seems like new characters will not be a part of the tour, only their skins. As far as I understand the maps and the new characters wont cost anything, neither grind or money.

I didn’t see an option to “earn/unlock” the islander Lahni, (or Larry whatever heshe’s name is). They were selling the skin the first week in the story. So how could I have earned that?


are those skins gonna rotate or are they gone forever

You had to complete the daily objectives “obtain gainful employment” along with “open revolving credit account.” They were only worth one star each in ToD, but they get you enough real-life iron for the skin.

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None at the moment but with time there most likely will be?
Or did they say you earn a character but additional skins for them can either be bought or earned I believe
I mean you can do escape and Multiplayer for rank skins of course.

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Characters and skins are different. A character is a new playable person/swarm. A skin is a aesthetic variation of said character. Some skins will be earnable and others exclusive to the in-game store. As far as I remember, you can earn all characters through completing a challenge that’s always available.


Please it’s right there in black and white they will make you grind for them or pay directly. I should not have to pay for cole carmine or any character in a 80-60 dollar game.

And don’t feed me that ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ that oh if you. Don’t like it don’t buy it. Imagine buying halo infinite and you have to buy master chief through micro transactions a few months later.