$10 for a skin? Come on TC these prices have to change

These prices are out of control if you want people to purchase these cosmetic items you at least have to make them reasonably priced.


I’m going to be selective on skin purchases on this installment.

Not enough incentive to spend money on skins that cant be separated by factions. Or set to individual character.

Not too sure what their marketing strategy is. But I think it needs to be reevaluated.

At 1000 iron a skin, I’ll probably only get a few characters and matching weapon skins for both factions.

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What’s the problem? Gears 5 is a F2P game after all. How are they supposed to make money off of it? I mean, it’s not like they’re charging $60+ for it… /s


and you only have seen the epic 's the legendary’s are gonna be even more expensive

To be honest, Gears 5 have adopted Fortnite’s Item Shop method. Unfortunately, that method works for Epic, mainly due its fanbase of kids and teens. Parents buy V-Bucks to keep their children in line or happy. I use it as an extra reward for good behavior and responsibilities. It works wonders.

However, parents and young adults play Gears 5. We are conscious about how we spend our money. If I see a cosmetic item overpriced or not gameplay changing, I do not purchase it. Neither do a lot of gamers.


I really believe people are not gonna buy anything from that overpriced store, so The Coalition will change it somehow.


To be fair i only payed $2 for two months for the ultimate edition with the game pass . So happy I didn’t pay full price for this game lol


TC should allow individual character personalization.

Character skins $7 - $10 depending on design

Weapon skin sets $3 - $5 depending on design

In the long run they would make way more money.

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If enough people pay $10 a skin, it will stay that way. If sales are below estimates, the price will drop or we will see weekly specials (timed events).


20€ the Ape pack, insane man, I’d spent 6€ for that Kait with no problem.

I don’t like the store, it’s COD Black Ops style, I prefer the loot creates


Fortnite has set the model for all games for the forseeable future. Releasea game for free and then charge $10, $15 and $20 for character skins, weapon skins, dances, emotes etc. Billion dollar video game model.

By change, you mean go back to where things could be accessed without being behind a pay wall like Gears 4? The options in Gears 5 are pretty much non-existent without using premium game currency. This is awful considering the game itself cost 59.99 for standard edition and 79.99 for the advanced version of the game. Price gouging after charging that much for a game is absolutely un-professional. Lord Dart is not wrong, the only difference is that Fortnite is free while this game is not a free game. That makes the pay wall unjustifiable. So far, Gears 5 is mainly only worth the campaign and nothing more. The online is broken and the customization options are behind a pay wall. I feel, after I beat the campaign, I will never touch Gears 5 again unless they fix it. I am not the only person that shares this kind of opinion. This is 100% the worst Gears release in the history of the franchise.


Me too. Exactly.

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Most important:
Fornite Is a free to play play gane, Gears NOT.

EVERYONE DISPITE game pass Ăşltimate ofer eventualy get the full price For this game.
So,overpriced cosmetics ,even the stupid dances,ridiculus bloodmarks etc etc are out of line.

When gears 4 came out the same problems were present…they will wait till the diehards buy some overpriced junk…and in 2 months prices will be brought down.

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Then game pass seems like it’s the real villain here since TC isn’t getting $60+ for each player they are getting $2 from a lot of people then $60+ from Gears fans and then monetizing it like it’s a F2P game. So MS\TC is double dipping in essence. New games should never be on game pass, just older games IMO or we’re going to be nickled and dimed more than we’ve ever been with aggressive MTXs.


This is what I was thinking too. It’s so weird how mobile financial models seem to be taking over consoles, I really don’t like it.

gears 4 they were using the same character models for all/most of the skins they used. Slap some chick hair and some scars and chick clothing and poof charged you for it. To then use the same model to add… Baird lol… anndddd charge you for it… 0 Creativity, Just piggy backing off EPIC Games success and turning it into :poop:

Trust me… A LOT of fools buy these. Its why they woll stay at that price. I find it very sad… that gamers these days r ok with this… its not very smart to buy into the monetized schemes. The average gamer say Who cares dont Buy it.
They r so full of them selves and cannot come to realization that they r ruining the industry qnd bringing all us gamers down with them