1 st Bernie and now UIR elite female,You got to be kidding

It’s very clear the face used for bernie in NOT a female head, in gears 3 that bernies face is very female but bernies 4 face is not,so this UIR Elite face(blue armor)also look abit to large to be female as well,is doing female face that hard to do?I mean kait,ayna,sam and reyna + queen murrah also female helmentless female gear look female so why are these 2 so hard to do?

Bernie looks as she should in multiplayer gameplay. In fact, when the black steels were offered individually she was one of only 2 I bought. Mostly because that voice is super annoying to the enemy when I kill them.


I genuinely hate you.



What’s that? You can’t hear me? Hah! (when getting a headshot)

Poor Berns.


Look at the end of the video Bernie and barid face :smile::smile::smile:


Bernie is supposed to have a fug-mug

It’s so annoying when people say they want Cliff back. Cliff left the game series to die… And he made a new studio that bankrupted. Don’t think he’d be the fit for it. Although he did good for the original trilogy.


yea honestly no one is perfect I bet if bungie can go back making halo games they would stil messed that one up.

Yea, people seem to forget that studios change for a reason, it’s not just done without thought.

he quit making video games anyway as of late so no point in trying to bring him back

he had creative issue with epic as well so he left

There is nothing he can do for the game anymore. The game should had r.i.p. after the third installment .

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i agree it should have stopped with gears3 but they need to milk the series

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Nah, this new story is glorious and helps to expand a universe in great need of being expanded. I ain’t one for stupid ■■■ “We finally have a tomorrow” endings.

It’s just nostalgia.

Or people weren’t around for when Cliff would endorse things like the SoS or Retro. Or when he’d try to curb the Gnasher-play because in his mind, Gears was meant to be played like a tactical shooter. Or when Epic Games used to tell players to “adapt” to the many, many horrible updates and problems faced in Gears of War 2.

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Yea, they’re just associating him with the older gears games and thinking back on the good ole days when all this stuff was new to the world (like you said, nostalgia), even though Gears 4 has way more content, updates, and extras (edit: Like streams, eSports, and game events) than all of them ever did

i finally got both UIR characters after 50 or so packs lol

are they supposed of some kind of European descent by the way?

The UIR are kinda based on Russia and the [former] Soviet Union, so yeah. Technically there’s no Europe on Sera.

Atleast the uir female is actually cool unlike Bernie and her screechy ■■■ voice with long dreadlocks on her head.