1 Shot down from boltok?

Since when can you get someone down with 1 active boltok shot???

Their are times when you look closely it happens. And the amount of shots it displays is not what you see.

ill post the vid when i get home but im pretty sure it was 1 shot down it said 1 shot 100%

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point blank range core boltok to the head will kill you in one shot. Don’t know if this is what you’re referring to.


happend to me aswell got it in on of my latest dvr’s.
probally not a pc mod at all if u ask the pc bois

Close range active to the head will down you in one shot. Every since they took away the headshot with the boltok this is the result. I tested this with a buddy recently after it happened to me in a match.

One shot, accidental kill via boltok of mine. I was popping back up to go for the first guy.


What was the cheat code for slow motion on PC?

Anyway, I didn’t know Boltok had become one shot down on at close range.
Is this supposed to be across all game modes, or just comp?

You cannot get a headshot in comp with Boltok.

Core is the only mode that it is a melon popper. However an active reload to the head on comp will down you.

Lmao the ignorance. A Boltok has always been a one-shot down/gib at point blank range for a headshot. I guess no one told the Gold players that?

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Yes I have been 1 shot down by the Boltok but I was extremely close to the person. It was in a 1v and we could not duplicate it. Not sure how or why it happened but it did. probably headshot me because it was on competitive