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The main issue is smoke bombs not working properly… for example i chuck a smoke, i run into the smoke and some ■■■■■ shoots me unbelievably… So what i seen was me walk into the smoke and get shot… The replay comes up then shows the other player looking straight at me with no smoke in the air what so ever which helped him see me and kill me… I shouldnt have to mention to fix this… This should have been tested and implemented better… I know its a minor problem but cmon gears if you cant get the small things right, you wont get the bigger things right… Anyone else experience this ?

Kill cams dont show the smoke. Also kill cams are worthless


Yea I turned them off in the beta.


Yep, turned them off on day 1. I’d rather see the game situation.

I do know that sometimes when there is a lot of smoke I can angle my camera into the light refraction in a way that silhouettes become pretty visible through the smoke. Doesn’t work in all locations or situations but this could be how they saw you. Ramps are a good spot for this.


I call BS. I threw a smoke while I was in cover which completely obscured me. I walk out of cover and aim. 3 seconds later my head was gone. Killcam shows the guy aiming at me with Embar through smoke and lining up the shot.


This right here just shows how BROKEN the kill cams are

@AliceInChainsaw do you have 1 this bad?


It was like the camera was in a different time zone than you


The kill cam was from 2 deaths prior when the hill was on the fountain side so dunno why it was so bad on that 1

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So I was right about the time zone thing



Kill cam - OFF

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shhh dont tell anyone. I find just looking up works for me.

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Yeah but the point of what im saying is on my cam i couldnt see anything when i was going to the smoke though at the same time on kill cam replay it shows no smoke and the player about to kill me who looked confident i was there in the smoke like my own smoke bomb stuffed me up though didnt seem to effect the other… lol pretty stuffed… the only thing i think of is that i was marked and he could see the mark through smoke… ?? i dont know … Though im pretty sure ive seen this happen so many times that it cant be everytime case of them seeing me by marker…

That’s possible as well. Being marked in smoke makes it look like the enemy has an aimbot if you don’t know you are marked. You can see them tracking you even though it seems they shouldn’t be able to see you.

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You cant trust kill cams. TC has said they dont work right

Also the thing with smokes it that you can kind of see people through them at some point.


FFS really?

Dude did you not watch my video??? lol

But yea I dont remember exactly when it was said but it was during a dev stream and maybe a month or so after launch

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One of the major factors of why I shut mine off immediately. What’s the point.

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What the hell hahahahah