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1 gansher pellet?

Does anyone know how much 1 gnasher pellet does damage wise? Assuming your character has 100 health ?

I’m not exactly sure but I know it does vary with distance

It’s probably somewhere around 5% up close and virtually nothing further out.

It depends… Anywhere from 0 to 1 million percent based on my experience

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Depends on distance. Gib range total damage is 500 now. So each pellet does about 41.67 damage (12 Pellets in the spread). But I think total health is 500 for your character. So you need the full spread for a gib, but i cant confirm that.

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100 if you’re wearing a sombrero.



If you are using Marcus or DEL and they are drinking “mEXICAN tEQULa” without a doubt the damage doesnt matter the distance its 100 %

it just depends on the amount of " EL CORRALEJO TEQUILA" the character its drinking.

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I agree. Tequila is not my friend :joy:

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Last time I drink Tequila It didn’t end up well for me either hahahahah :smile:

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Tequila and Gears go well. All the glitches disappear!


hahahahahaha :smile:

Im glad the game works for you now… Ill have to wait and see if they can fix horde and perhaps I could have a good time with it.

buy yes Tequila allows you to go someplace else… just like going to Neverland hahahaha :slight_smile: