1 dollar ult edition gives you 6 characters + weapon skin set + 1 month boost

Game pass ult is 1 dollar right now, which a perk can give you the 3 new day characters, the 2 halo reach characters, and gabe from gears tactics by doing the tutorial of that game.

So yeah, pretty insane deal, along with 30 days of boost which is nice icing on the cake. The timing of the 1 dollar ult game pass along with this is pretty good lol.

Just thought I’d let you guys know.


Thanks for the PSA :slight_smile:

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Worth it just for the boost

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That’s good. Doubt this will hold until January. My GamePass expires 4th January I believe, so have a 12 month gold version ready.

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Do you get the boost if you have already had ultimate but sign up now after it had previously expired?

I don’t believe so. I’ve had ULT for a while but I didn’t get any extra boost (that i know of)

Can’t get it for £1 anyway but from what I can work out, the boost only applied to the launch halo pack

Well this does explain why I have been seeing alot of level 1 classes and no re-ups. I am all for the game getting in new players and all but do they they really have to join a high level with zero experience lol.

Having said that the fact that the new system allows me to see your class level helps when it comes to removing these players lol

I just got it today so I could get gabe, took the free new day pack too cause I didnt want them greyscaled but never gonna play as any of them, I didn’t even know there was free boost, boutta grab that tonight, and that’s nice they are giving the halo guys too, I got them with the ultimate edition at launch but I know a lot of people didnt wanna fork over that money so I’m glad more people get the chance to use them, kats class (architect now I think?) Is one of my favorites to use in horde

@WrinklyHornet34 gears is 15 in most played xbox games and rising, last week it was 22 for reference

I’m guessing that 30 days boost came with the Halo pack or so, since I had that since launch when the $1 deal first came around.