1 April 2020 - Server Issues

Creating this thread for the current server issues.

I will update the thread when TC posts on twitter.


Horde setup not showing up. Also played a match and none of my cards were active. Haven’t seen a report on the twitter. Anyone have this bug?

Main menu won’t even load. After working around Covid all day every day, would be pretty nice if I had a game that I could actually play a little and get progression unlocks.


Yea rank system is broke again hard to level up

Game has always been broken, it’s never been fixed. Just had band-aids put on it here and there.


I opened this thread specifically to say this same statement.

Also yes it’s broken upon release of update again. Expect an update to fix the update (that may cause a bug that requires an update to fix).

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Everybody in escape is duplicates of the same character. Just finished 2 escapes with 3 Clayton’s and 3 Keegan’s. The glitches never end

Everyone defaults to Kait for me in the lobby, skill cards are all invisible, objectives not completing correctly.

This song starts playing whenever I boot to the main menu. Should I start a new thRead for this error or keep it in this one?

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For some odd reason this keeps happening?

So once again with the new update I am constantly getting errors at the end of the match. But when I go into view my character and look at their cards either for Horde or Escape I see this.

Now all 5 of the card slots are there, but I just can’t see them. I can scroll over each one and it gets a red outline, but when I hit A to swap out or upgrade the cards I see this.

Anyone else have this happen to them? I tried playing a game only for it to force me to be a character that I didn’t select and it wouldn’t let me change characters. I closed and restarted the game which fixed this, but after 1 match, got the Gathering Results Error Screen like usually and it’s back to this.

TC really needs to fix their damn game and their servers. For stuff like this to happen with every single update they do, it makes the game unplayable.

EDIT: Looks like a lot of topics got merged into 1. I see someone else is having the same issue I am now.

ARCADE : It’s a complete mess…spawning from start only AI playing at first. Constant error msgs. Wins towards 5 is broken. Showing 0 to no levels on scoreboard.

Was default kait on gridiron

Just tried to play an Escape match. It forced everyone to be Keegan, none of us could change characters. We saw different characters on the screen, but in the list on the right it said we were all Keegan.

When these server issues occur, Keegan is default for Escape, and Kait is default for Horde.

I have no idea why.

Just curious if anyone else is having this issue. ToD stuff not unlocking. Normally they unlock the next day but it’s been 2 and haven’t seen them. It sucks because with the iron from like lvl 3 I can purchase one of the new characters.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing overwatch again but I played as Baird last night and my head shots were always high. I ended up having to aim for their chests to hit their heads. Did the hit boxes change or could it just be me adapting back to gears?
Last is horde giving out less exp than normal or is it my imagination? My brother’s JD is lvl 10 1/2. We did 1-40 waves(■■■■■■■■ bots didn’t revive us) of elite and he still didn’t level up. He’s close to the good stuff like launcher capacity and razor hail.

Is anybody else getting an error message at the end of their matches? I’m not getting any xp for Horde or Versus. My challenges are also not filling in. Played several matches yesterday and today and nothing.

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Horde is broken again, same way it was a few weeks ago. Some people are forced to be Kait. No skill cards are active

yeah ive been. just had a 120 elim koth game and it bugged out after :frowning:

in the past they’ve credited you your point later on i believe

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