Is what I always think the name says every time I start a match with our metal friends…

… He used to call me on my cell phone…

Onto real business though, i think the only thing in gears 5 that absolutely lights a fire of hatred under my ■■■ is when I forget to assign smoke grenades as my choice before the match. I know I can change it during but sometimes there’s no time between death and respawn.

I strongly wish TC could make it so you can assign a default. Even if it’s only by individual character skin… I don’t care. Flashbangs are the worst and I hate using them.

Side note: I discovered today that if you shoot an enemy in the flashbangs when he is about to throw it… He goes splat.


the T-800s are the better DBs

I can’t wait for the 1000’s

Thanks for the tip on shooting the flashes.

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Thank God they didn’t have the Shwartz do dialogue for it. That would be so annoying. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I wondered if anyone would get it.