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0 points update is ruining Gears Ranked Matchmaking broken

Game is at an all time low. Waste all day playin to get no points and if i lose or team mate quits lose massive amounts of points

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It’s getting recorded somewhere don’t worry. This has happened many times.

Sooo, ranked is business as usual, eh?

GoW4 Coop is still fun… just saying :wink:

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No thanks i hate any game created by coalition they fkn suxk… Ranked was finally working for me before this stupid update that made a new game breakin bug

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After the update it seems there are three ways you get zero in a round:

  1. You win the round, but underperformed your projected stats. Before the update you would lose points in this scenario.

  2. any rounds after someone quits is now typically worth zero points.

  3. You were going to get negative points overall for the match in a match win scenario, but now the system auto generates random numbers totaling to zero.

Is there a source for that 3rd one somewhere? I’ve been seeing the unlikely “random numbers summing to zero” a lot lately, even when I get insanely high scores (upwards of 7 - 8k and a match win). It seems plausible, but would be nice if TC made it more clear what was happening…

They talk about it in the developer stream released yesterday. Its being corrected to just show zeroes.

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Well tdm is unplayable then half the time someone quits the first round you dominate and you get 0 points


They need to fix this as it’s broken in several different key ways. 1) it doesn’t always cancel out a round with a quitter, I’ve literally had rounds and games that we lost due to 1-2 quitters still give me negative points. If your gonna have a Zero system for quitter make it work, and not just at the beginning of a round otherwise there’s no point, if you have two quitters but after the round starts your cheeks are in for a really really rough ride when it comes to you ELO at the end of the game.
2) these zero rounds literally block you from going up if you give a solid huge performance after a quitter whether your on the team of the quitter or the opposition your good play is essentially nullified, this should not be the case, you should get a zero only when your performance was not enough to give you some positive points due to the player quitting so then you don’t get penalized. Same goes for the winning team, they should not be penalized for a win simply because there was a quitter on the other team, that really isn’t fair.
3) you should also never get demoted nor promoted on any single game where there is any quitter what so ever, that is just fundamentally flawed. I should never lose the rank that I’ve worked so hard to get because one or more of my teammates quit. This has happened to me way to many times to count. Just this evening I grounded my way from onyx 2 to diamond 1, and then strung literally three games in a row with 1-2 quitters and found myself at onyx 1, a full rank below what I’ve sat at all season… that’s should literally not happened, but then again I also shouldn’t be playing these diamond/onyx tier matches with brain dead silvers that can’t hit a shot or support a teammates… but uh, that’s a post for another thread…