0 points for a match win!?

Why is it when you lose 1 of the 3 rounds but win the match your team will mostly (if not all the time) get 0 points

You can get MVP, or even get to really negative, its does not matter,

The other side can have higher team points (the team rank) it does not matter

if your team wins the Match 2 out of 3, its 0 points, we also won 4 matches in a row (all like this all 0 points),

im not sure it happens at all tears, im Diamond 2 and sometimes 3

Is this intentional?

Did anybody quit during the match?

does not matter, we have had it where people have 10 people at the end , and where people have dropped out

its been going on for a bit now, we noticed it about 2 weeks ago

Did you read these changes? Specifically Changes 2 and 3.


Thanks, that is what I was talking about in my previous post on this thread :slightly_smiling_face: Couldn’t remember where the source was.


great link - this does describe the new intent

however we still get 0 points when the opposing team is better, which goes against the Change 3 point 2. :frowning:

I hope they balance this a bit more as winning a number of games in a row, and getting 0 points, for all of them, just because of a lost round.

people complained about losing points, no? the zero points is supposed to be a safe guard against those complaints.

i feel like at this point TC should placed everyone at master rank so everyone can be happy.

i personally find 80/20 to result to be disgusting…