0/30 Card counter in private Escape maps?

When I make a custom lobby for a Hive that’s not the Daily or Weekly I see a card counter on the menu where I select the difficulty. Most of them seem to be at 2/30 or 0/30, and it’s definitely not incrementing as I complete the Hives. What gives?

The game used to have a pool of either 15 or 30 bonus cards per hive (1 per act) for successful completions. The bonus cards stopped being awarded when the daily/weekly hives were introduced with OP5.


It was a default card bonus for all Escape hives prior to the daily/weekly rewards feature being introduced.

TC seems to have disabled that now but forgotten to remove the UI indicator in the custom lobbies.

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wait…that’s actually really cool if I’m understanding it correctly? Each Hive sorta worked as a Daily that could reward bonus for completion? Does this not give more incentive to do Hives outside of the daily ones?

It used to be that way before Op 5 up to a limit of 30 bonus cards(or 15 for certain hives). Doesn’t work amymore now, though.

Reminds me of when they left the indicator for your last totem equipped on the results page for like a whole operation until finally someone couldn’t stand it anymore. Apparently the bonus cards counter doesn’t bother them though.