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Gears of War Community Series: Champions League (4)

Hello all! This is Esports Gears caster Christopher “Deluxe” Haas and I am here today with exciting news! I will be hosting the first ever Gears Community Series: Champions League Presented by Annex.GG The Gears of War…

The GFC - Events for the Community! ( 2 3 4 ) (74)

The GFC is a group that commits itself to ensuring everyone within the forums has a place to talk Gears of War and make new relationships with like-minded players within our thread and events. Our team of five members…

Gears Esports Code of Conduct (2)

Gears Esports Code of Conduct The Coalition believes that all players should be able to play Gears of War in a safe and welcoming environment and community. This Code of Conduct applies to all Gears of War players, coac…

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