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Gears Clip Of The Week - Official Submission Thread ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ) (188)

Hey Gears fans! We’ve launched a brand new series on our Gears of War Facebook and Twitter channels called ‘Clip of the Week’. Every Monday, we’ll be featuring an amazing clip from the community for fans to feast their…

What's Up - October 11, 2018 - Discussion Thread ( 2 ) (25)

Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears of War 4! Stay Frosty makes its Gears 4 debut on Friday, October 12th Get 4XP all weekend to celebrate Gears 4’s Second Anniversary The commemorative Golden Gear Pack is back for thi…

Watch Gears - Share Your Videos and Livestreams! ( 2 ) (38)

Created an awesome montage? About to go live on Mixer, Twitch or YouTube? Let other Gears fans get in on the action by sharing your creations here!

Introduce Yourself! ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ) (175)

Welcome to the forums! The mantra of our forums is to connect Gears fans with fellow Gears fans - so what better way to do it than introducing yourself? Come on in, let fellow fans know a little about yourself and make…

TCA PNG RENDER DROP! (And more) ( 2 ) (25)

Hey guys! I’m working on 3D renders for all you artists, content creators ect out there! I’m doing small drops here and there :slight_smile: Feel free to make suggestions! WARNING These are 4k renders, so file sizes…

Introduction to the Official Gears Forums (1)

Welcome to the Official Gears of War forums! This is a place to talk to your fellow Gears fans about all things Gears, make new friends, and have your feedback seen by the development team at The Coalition. Please note t…

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